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Frog & Henry - String and Brass Band

Frog & Henry have been together since forming in New Orleans in 2013 as a loosely configured street-performing group. For the last 6 years they've convened 2 or 3 times every year to play jazz festivals, swing dances, busking festivals, and music festivals across Western Europe, the British Isles and the USA. Their repertoire ranges from early jazz, blues and ragtime, to stringband, fiddle-tunes, and early 20th c. American popular music. Recently they've explored arrangements from pre-war Dance Bands from England and America. 

Frog & Henry's typical line-up would include two reeds, violin, banjo & guitar, tuba, piano, and occasionally drums and cornet, with most members of the group also contributing to vocals. Unique to the group is the tuba-machine, which is a foot-operated tuba which allows Dave Neigh, one of the band's tuba players, to play tuba and banjo simultaneously.

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