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Visual Art

Below are a few concert posters we, and our friends, have made over the past 6 years. Generally these are made and edited, digitally, from graphic ideas found in posters, advertisements, architecture and art magazines, and obscure sheet music covers from the late 19th c. and early 20th c. 

Southern France, for whatever reason, seems to always have beautiful posters lying around in junk shops. Some were found in Istanbul at the Sunday markets there. The "Classic Jazz Concert Series" one is from an electrical schematic for an Ampex 400A tape recorder. After restoring this Ampex 400 at home, it was used to transfer tapes from the 2022 London recordings featured on our album from that year. The "Harmonica-Rack-Sandwich-Holder" was drawn by Janine Wiget; and the concept is from a vision Adrian Seward had in a dream. There's a wrestling poster, featuring1980's pro-wrestler Andre the Giant head-locking two guys, which came from accidentally finding some prints locked in a dresser compartment, the dresser of which having been purchased in New Brunswick, Canada. Sometimes the posters tie into our travels, either independently or as a group; and sometimes they're just nice looking visual objects that we hope other people also enjoy.  


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